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I recently switched over to for intartubes provision, and it’s been fine. With the service give you a voip line for more or less free (it works out to about $7 /mos. or something). So far that’s been nothing but a pile of shit – the Linksys ATA they send constantly loses registration with their servers for some reason.

Given that their customer service is notoriously bad, I haven’t even tried phoning in to see what condition their condition is in. But, if you reboot the cable modem, router and ATA in that order it re-registers, so I’m guessing the ATA only gets a window to register after their dhcp server has assigned a lease, and if the ATA drops the registration it’s not able to re-register until something asks for a new lease. (Btw, I”m using a linksys WRT 54G with DD-WRT firmware on the router, and the ATA is behind the router, so that I can do QOS routing on the SIP packets).


I’m just writing this as a quick note to anyone else who might want to hack this setup. The ATA can be reset following Cyberweb’s instructions by dialing 1111 then RESET then # then 1 into your phone. This puts it in a factory default state where you can log into its admin web page and futz around – it’s at and the username is admin, password is also admin.

Then Cyberweb then instructs you to download a file from them through the modem to provision it. Once you download this file, the admin interface of the modem becomes locked, so it’s no longer possible to edit its setup parameters. Fortunately the file they ask you to download contains the admin password in clear text, so it’s trivial to get back in to the ATA.

Having said this though, I’ve no reason to believe that getting into it is useful. Unless you know what parameters their sip server is using at the other end, I doubt that changing anything will get you a better service. More than likely it’ll still suck. But its nice to know it’s doable even for the hack value. It’s also probably handy if you want to bring your own ATA or set up an asterisk box at home.

If anyone finds some params to frob that will make the whole thing more reliable though, let me know.

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  1. qua

    I want to configure my pap2 adapter (connected to router) with cia’s voip service. However, I have been unsuccessful after a number of tries. Could you please give some detailed instructions on how to manually configure the settings. Thanks

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