Erlang Notes – Records

Here is the eighth of some notes about erlang.
Obviously this is a very cursory glance at things. It’s really just notes to help me remember things. If you’re looking for something in more detail you can take a look at the erlang reference manual.


Records are a way of providing a names for elements of tuples.

Record declarations are created in .hrl files with a syntax like:

-record(events, {day=monday,name=hangover}).

This gives us the ability to create a new event record with attributes of day and name. Like this:

X1 = #event{day=monday,name=hangover}).

Remember, its really just a tuple, but because we make it a record, it gets to have names for its variables. We can pattern match to get the variables out of the record. To get the values out of X1 above for example:

#event{day=D,name=N} = X1.

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